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- Agility -

Barbarian Outpost agility course
Burthorpe agility course
Treegnome agility course

- Archaeology -

Castra Debris - Dig Spot
Ikovian Memorial - Dig Spot
Venator Remains - Dig Spot
Pontifex remains - Dig Spot
Culinarum Debris - Dig Spot
Chapel Debris - Dig Spot
Legionary Remains - Dig Spot
Administratum Debris - Dig Spot
Material Cleaner
Tutorial completer

- Combat -

Burthorpe Rabbit Killer (Banking, Looting)
Fully Fledged Aio Combat Bot (Supports All Npc's, Eating, Looting, Regenerate, Aggresion Potions)

- Construction -

AIO Flatpack Maker

- Cooking -

Aio Cooker (Alkharid) - Cooks Everything the Range Supports
Shantay Pass Portables Cooker
Yeti Bonfire (Violet is blue quest area) Wine Cooker

- Crafting -

Aio Crafter (Crafts Everything)
Prifddinas Harps
Aio Spinner (Spins everything on spinning wheel)

- Divination -

Pale wisp
Bright wisp
Flickering wisp
Incandescent wisp
Empty Throne Room

- Firemaking -

Portable Braziers at Shantay Pass
Yeti Bonfire (Violet is blue quest area)

- Fishing -

Barbarian Fishing
Burthorpe Crayfish Powerfisher
Deep Sea Frenzy Fishing
Deep Sea Swarm Fishing
Menaphos Fishing
Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing

- Fletching -

AIO Fletcher
Stackable Fletcher (Darts etc)

- Herblore -

AIO Herb Cleaner
AIO Potion Maker

- Hunter -

Protean traps bot

- Invention -

Disassembling using smart autoclicker

- Mining -

Anywhere Miner - Powermine Every Location
Banite Miner + Banking + Pk Detection
Dwarven Mine (Copper + Tin) (Banking)
Falador Lumnite Mining (With Banking)
Gold Ore Miner + Banking
Mining Guild Iron Ore + Banking
Lumbridge Powerminer (Mines South of Lumbridge)
Mining Guild Phasamite Ore Miner + Banking
Prifdinnas Gem Miner + Banking
Rimmington mining (Adamant) + banking
Mithril Ore Miner + Banking
Phasmatis Phasamite Ore Miner
Uzer Necrite Miner

- Prayer -

AIO Bone bury (Supports all bones)

- Runecrafting -

Astral rune running
Air rune running
Fire rune running

- Smithing -

Aio Smelter (Supports Everything)
Aio Smither (Supports Everything at Anvil)
Burial Set Smithing - Fastest smithing XP ingame
Smith assist - Smiths all items in your inventory

- Summoning -

Taverly shop (Fastest xp ingame)

- Thieving -

Lumbridge Vegetable Stall + Banking
Varrock Tea Stall + Banking

- Woodcutting -

Menaphos Acadia + Banking
Varrock Oak Trees + Banking
Seers Maple Trees + Banking

- Money Making -

Mort Myre Fungus Collector + Banking
AIO Alcher
Fruitfall Farmer
Zamorak Wine Telegrabber

- Minigames -

Livid Farm (Farming XP)

- Utilities -

Never Log - Keeps You Logged in
Smart Autoclicker
Smart Autotyper